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About us

We offer our energy, our time, our passion, to help you realize your dream and your project.

Since 1983 we are in Livorno on the housing market and work alongside our clients to buy and sell real estate and help in the realization of their desires

A great passion and a strong dedication sets us in our work because everything else I can accomplish any good real estate agency.

Group Realty Lloyd has elevated the concept of selling real estate the most prestigious international standards with attention to every detail, from communication to the promotion of the property. We guarantee a high quality of photographic images, a careful and precise communication about the most functional advertising channels to the property and a choice of qualified partners for a market increasingly competitive.

Group Realty Lloyd has created a new relationship with the customer, made timely report on the progress of negotiations, achieved through careful and constant monitoring of the data collected from our field of web marketing, tips on the best initiatives to increase the sales potential of the property with the help of architects, home stagers, interior designers, webmasters and legal / commercial consulting. All this allows you to make the transaction of sale or rental of your property the most profitable possible

Group Realty Lloyd expands our operations from real estate markets, that of the commercial market with the real estate sector for companies and that of commercial activities. We also have services for the phase of post-sales where the buyer customer is helped in the development of all related activities. technical consultants, architects, interior design to renovate or decorate l 'property until our industry condominium Lloyd. where highly skilled administrators can provide valuable information and estimates for the building. In case you want rather lease your property our industry Rent, will follow you and make it productive.

You have a dream? Do you want to sell or buy a house, an office, a commercial activity?

Come to Group Realty Lloyd we will assist you before, during and after.