Home Design

We in the Group Realty Lloyd WE OFFER The best services of home staging, home relooking, interior design and ANY other kind of personal advice aimed at improving the aesthetics and functionality of your property.

This technique (home = home; stage = Stage; = home staging to stage the house) is to prepare the house for sale, putting it back in order, erasing the traces of those who lived there before, so highlighting the positive features to place on real estate housing market kept and very attractive, ready to be lived.

Who would buy a house or even worse would be to live in rent, in a house with doors that do not close, leaky faucets, badly painted walls or questionable colors and furnished in a now outdated?

The home staging, although he was born for the sale of the houses, now also applies to houses for rent, for short term rentals (micro-receptivity), and other commercial spaces

The main rule of home staging is "small expense and maximum yield."

The development time is so very short and tight budget.

What gives character and harmony to the house is the attention to detail that are chosen with creativity and sophistication.

Unlike the restructuring it does not provide for structural works.

The result is a totally revised environment, aesthetically pleasing, practical and comfortable but above all as unique as the person who inhabits it.

They 'also a good investment for owners of hotels, b & b, farm and business premises in this way enhance their business by increasing customers.

The lead times are short and the costs considerably reduced.

It 'a service targeted within an enclosed space, be it a private home, a business, a receptive space, a work environment.

The interior design connects with each other all the elements for functionality and aesthetics.

Program at design time and cost optimization and significantly reduce the margin of error that inevitably change these parameters.

The Gruppo Realty Lloyd offers you always these services to help in the sale of your property but also to support you in the later stages of the purchase with a renovation project or targeted advice to maximize the furniture made.

Ask me any questions, please contact me, we are at your disposal

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